About Us

At Onvest Capital, you will find a group of driven, dynamic people focused on researching, interpreting and capitalizing on the global mergers and acquisition markets. Headquartered in Sydney, Onvest has expanded over the years as a global operation with presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and India.

We are a privately-funded company that is owned and managed by corporate finance professionals who have set high standards around trust and leadership. We operate across all major asset classes on multitudes corporate and non-corporate acquisition around the world, with a strong track record of success.

Practical Experience

Our casual atmosphere, culture of continuous learning and innovation, and philosophy of rewarding outstanding performance based on merit rather than tenure or title has attracted brilliant people from around the world. We value our people at Onvest and pride ourselves on being a diverse set of individuals.
Our team is unique in that each member, in addition to contributing to the business of Onvest Capital, also runs its own separate successful business. This means that we are not just plain advisors.  On the contrary: as entrepreneurs we are in the privileged position of understanding other businesspersons’ requirements, challenges, and goals.
Interested in our licenses and regulations?
Download and read our full compliance documentation below.

Regulations & Compliance

Onvest Capital is the trading name of Onvest Capital Pty Ltd – Australian Company Number: 636 877 051 – Address: 11/10 Bridge St., Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. Onvest Capital Pty Ltd. is an Authorized Representative of K S Capital Pty Limited. K S Capital Limited holds an AFSL (Australian Financial Services License), registration number 316880, issued by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). Onvest Capital’s Australian Financial Services Authorized Representative professional register number with ASIC is 1278770.

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